Out with the old, in with the new?

Season 3, episode 3. Dave, Jim & special guest / old bandmate Jim Morris discuss stories, dreams, and connections between our previous shows about Fear and Moving. Also included is a vintage track–“Clinging to the Noose” (words by Jim Morris,  music by Jim Esch)–from the band JOE’s first tape, circa early 1980’s. LISTEN NOW at ANCHOR.FM

Bonus content! Here are the lyrics to “Clinging to the Noose”

Clinging to the Noose

Our fathers loved us long before we ever came to be
the light of night too often seen by those we never see

Forgotten heroes of a world created by a dream
the question rising to us now, things could be what they seem

A reason sought for every truth that time allows to tell
the man who died will speak in signs of those who know too well

There are lips and tongues and those who speak them
where are the ships and the lungs and those who breathe them?

A stop sign planted in the ground has grown in memory
a door knob, key hole, match book, sign post, dawn of history

Protruding from the mouth of glory came to be machine
the lash of lust so loathed by none taught us to be marines

He talks in vague hoarse tones of one who fails to answer bells
and he walks on a sea shore made of glass, and he listens to the shells

There are maids and songs and those who sing them
where are the aids and the wrongs and those who wring them?

Our fathers loved us long before we never came to be
and now and then remember to our fathers instinct we cling.

On the creative process and growing older: a conversation with Jill Benedict

In her mid 20’s, Jill Benedict quit writing. When Covid crashed into our lives, she clawed her way back to the creative path. Jill reads two stories for today’s show. The first is about the shocking reawakening of the creative process. The second engages in a very honest way with that looming pivot point we all must face, turning 30. LISTEN NOW AT ANCHOR.FM You can follow Jill on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/writerwithoutacause/

Words and Music Live with John Grecia: The Thom Williams Experience, fragment 12

Season 2, episode 5. Dave and Jim talk with musician / songwriter John Grecia, a student of Thom Williams, about their songwriting collaboration and the rediscovery of a cache of songs they wrote back in the day. We discover the revelatory power of music, how it can speak to our contemporary moment, spanning years and bridging lives. The show includes the following Grecia/Williams demos: She Danced, January, If Wishes Were Rain, Slide, and Miranda. LISTEN NOW at ANCHOR.FM